Dr Sarah Clements


Maternal-Fetal Medicine Sub-Specialist


Expecting a Baby?

By Penny Johnston

(Penny is the presenter of Babytalk) 774 ABC Melbourne


Expecting a Baby? Then you probably realise there is a lot of information you're going to need, scientific, medical and probably some good common sense advice. A new guide to pregnancy, birth and the first six weeks has been published with Australian content written by Australian Obstetrician Dr Sarah Clements. In this podcast meet Dr Clements and find out what you might need to know that you don't already about pregnancy birth and those first important few weeks.

Not only is pregnancy the only reason healthy people spend time in hospital but it's also something that EVERYONE seems to have an opinion about and the information sharing can sometimes go too far! Horror birth stories, advice to 'do something or something worse will happen' can have many women worried for no reason but on the other hand there are a number of things that pregnant women might be doing that could endanger their baby without realising it.

Which is why we always go to the experts for the best advice! Hardy Grant Books has published a conclusive guide to pregnancy, birth and the first six weeks of your child's life called, "Expecting a Baby?" Written by Dr Penelope Law, the book is a comprehensive guide to pregnancy and birth and has been re-written especially with Australian mothers in mind by Dr Sarah Clements, an Obstetrician and Maternal-Fetal Medicine sub-specialist at the Prince of Wales Private Hospital and the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney


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Dr Sarah Clements is the preferred Obstetric and Maternal-Fetal Medicine sub-specialist of the CHILD magazines.


Sarah also appeared in the UK series "One Born every Minute" whilst completing her MFM training in Southampton at the Princess Anne Hospital in 2010. One Born Every Minute is the BAFTA award-winning factual series that features the extraordinary highs and lows of day-to-day life in a maternity hospital –where every minute of every hour a baby is born, but no birth story is ever the same. In this excerpt Dr Sarah Clements assists Carol (35), who says she is 'on the larger size' and was warned of the risk of health implications such as pre-eclampsia and diabetes. When Carol is taken to theatre, Dad Kevin (36) is too anxious to accompany her, and Carol's sister Jackie steps in while Kevin paces the corridor waiting for news. Here is an external link (YouTube) if you are interested.

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